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13 Jul 2017
Our regular columnist discusses how IAG’s introduction of GDS charges will impact the entire industry
11 Jul 2017
A hung parliament will offer a fertile environment for a lobbyist looking for levers to pull...
27 Jun 2017
Assessing risk in far-flung locations is crucial, but there are plenty of regulatory challenges closer to home…
31 May 2017
Meeting the challenge… Whether they like it or not, travel managers have the right skills to tackle meetings spend
5 May 2017
Regulations on consumer payment fraud are going to penalise managed travel
4 May 2017
All eyes are currently on the General Election and Brexit but Gareth Morgan says government should not neglect regional aviation
30 Apr 2017
Digital advances mean personalisation offers opportunities to buyers, their travellers and their TMCs – embrace the changes
31 Mar 2017
BBT’s mystery buyer is frustrated over the widespread unbundling of flight fares
24 Mar 2017
Despite Brexit worries, the trade minister is in a good place to drive agreements that will benefit business travel
10 Mar 2017
Don’t emulate certain politicians by ignoring the inevitable
17 Feb 2017
What will November’s shock US election result mean for the industry? BBT hails the new chief
17 Feb 2017
The GDS: a once magnificent beast could be on its way out
10 Feb 2017
Don’t be fooled by the Directive’s name – it’s not just for leisure travellers...
3 Feb 2017
I can safely say that travelling for work is a chore rather than a perk and that’s a fundamental reality...
12 Jan 2017
Our frustrated buyer would like to see credit where credit’s due
10 Jan 2017
Our Westminster insider makes some cautious bets on what to expect over the coming year in politics...
3 Jan 2017
Our columnist looks to travel for a modicum of balance in a ‘post-truth’ world
2 Dec 2016
ATPI's chief commercial officer for energy, shipping and offshore, Gary Pearce, looks at how travel managers can gain from the way the energy and offshore sectors deal with tough times...
17 Nov 2016
Recent legislation means paying more attention than ever to that business travel bête noire, the request for proposal
10 Nov 2016
What will happen about new airport capacity after 2030 asks BBT columnist Gareth Morgan?