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Advantage Travel Partnership

CTI and Advantage Travel Partnership logos
5 Feb 2018
Travel management company CTI has become a member of the Advantage Travel Partnership.
Advantage Travel Partnership logo
31 Jan 2018
Northern Ireland consortium will maintain identity
Jerry Springer to speak at Advantage Conference
8 Jan 2018
Event to take place in Miami in May
27 Jun 2017
Taking the leap from the leisure sector to business travel brings an appreciation of common ground
Adrian Pritchard, Deloitte lead travel partner
17 May 2017
Companies need to prepare for a new generation of travelling employees
15 May 2017
Delegates will be hosted at the Trump National Doral Miami hotel
4 Apr 2017
Wayte Travel Management has opened a new office in Manchester as part of their on-going expansion plans
Julia Lo Bue-Said
13 Mar 2017
UK agency consortium snaps up majority stake in global network
8 Mar 2017
Alistair Pritchard, lead partner for travel at Deloitte, will address event in May
NDC: Top tips for buyers
1 Mar 2017
Valuable virtual information is increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals, and businesses have to step up their game to stay protected
22 Apr 2016
Travel organisation Advantage has announced its 2017 annual conference will take place at the Club Med Opio en Provence in France.
18 Apr 2016
Warning about the potential impact of UK voting to leave the EU
18 Apr 2016
A panel of travel managers speak about the need for TMCs to evolve
Travel agent booking air tickets
17 Apr 2016
'Trends expert' Daniel Levine outlines five trends that are changing the way people travel and work
1 Sep 2015
Airline group defends controversial launch of distribution charge
31 Aug 2015
Agency consortium enters “period of non-co-operation” with German carrier
26 Sep 2014
Rail operator to target SMEs as part of its growth strategy
26 May 2014
Expense management platform provider Traveldoo has announced a partnership with Advantage Business Travel.
17 May 2014
Google's head of travel says there's an opportunity for the industry to make better use of data
Ryanair and Easyjet fined €1m over ‘misleading practices’
17 May 2014
Corporate sales boss admits airline has 'significant' amount of work to do to convince the industry it has changed