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Graphic to demonstrate frustration related to the RFP
15 Jan 2018
How to make the RFP process better – for both buyer and TMC
7 Jul 2017
Can a traveller-centric programme meet your business needs?
19 Dec 2016
BBT garners the advice of industry experts on building a business case for your travel programme
31 Dec 2014
WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS, companies and organisations spend most of their travel budgets on air travel and accommodation.
26 Oct 2014
How best to develop a management strategy to deal with the dangers facing today's business traveller?
12 Aug 2014
With overwhelming volumes of data now available, buyers must stay focused on what matters
25 Jun 2014
BBT readers ask if NDC Is a threat to their corporate travel programmes
12 May 2014
Building stronger relationships with suppliers means clarity and trust on both sides
22 Apr 2014
Finding the right partners for a corporate travel programme is a complicated process
21 Dec 2013
BBT looks at the advantages and pitfalls of flexible hotel pricing
30 Oct 2013
BBT looks at the issues for those contemplating a major IT systems reboot
13 Jul 2013
BBT quizzes experts on a major issue for buyers in this new regular feature