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Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE)

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25 Jan 2018
Accreditation 'tailored to business travellers'
Using visual guilt to drive compliance
20 Nov 2017
Research by American Express GBT and ACTE shows travel buyers' balancing act
Will driverless cars have an impact on business travel?
14 Nov 2017
Autonomous car technology could benefit business travel programmes, but will require a massive shift of mindset, according to ground transport experts at a recent ACTE conference in London
How to become a travel programme CEO and develop an effective strategy - advice from the ACTE/CAPA conference
23 Oct 2017
Attendees at the ACTE/CAPA London conference had the chance to hear a panel of experts from a range of backgrounds discuss how travel buyers can become the ‘CEO’ of their company’s programme to take control and drive strategy.
Making a case for tech - advice from the ACTE/CAPA conference
23 Oct 2017
Travel buyers at the ACTE/CAPA London conference discussed the challenges of having a robust technology strategy in the face of a constantly evolving travel tech landscape.
Travel managers say simplification is a top priority for them
12 Oct 2017
But barriers hinder progress
Greeley Koch
8 Aug 2017
ACTE’s executive director Greeley Koch talks about the association's upcoming Global Summit in London
2 Aug 2017
Companies urged to become more “proactive” to improve duty of care to employees
21 Jul 2017
Department of Homeland Security lifts ban on final airport
27 Jun 2017
The present used to be a good gauge of the future; not anymore. There’s an exponential shift going on, mainly focused on technology. Change is happening faster than we can compute. It will transform managed travel by 2030. What could our lives be like? Read on...
24 May 2017
ACTE says workers are choosing companies that allow them to be most efficient on the road
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
12 May 2017
ACTE raises questions about mobile device ban and possible extension to transatlantic flights
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
25 Apr 2017
Study shows companies need to address concerns of travellers
22 Mar 2017
Industry reaction following the UK and US announcements regarding the ruling
17 Mar 2017
Bleisure’ – the art of tagging a break on to a business trip – is still one of the greyest areas of travel management, which needs to be tackled head on
Greeley Koch
14 Mar 2017
Koch talks about the need to think strategically in times of change and the importance of traveller centricity
3 Feb 2017
Switzerland-based Dominic Short, global category manager travel for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, talks to Bob Papworth
1 Feb 2017
ACTE study polls buyers on impact of Trump’s executive order
28 Oct 2016
Prices set to go up following completion of Marriott’s takeover of Starwood
27 Oct 2016
Buyers are seeing an increase in safety enquiries from their travellers