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BBT Forum

BBT Forum in London
9 Nov 2017
Travel buyers and experts gathered in London for the autumn BBT Forum, where the theme was ‘Creating a travel programme to drive efficiency’
BBT Forum
24 Oct 2017
Some free places available for buyers on November 3
London skyline
19 Jun 2017
Senior buyers and travel experts gather in London and Dublin for debates around the ‘digital revolution’ and how it impacts travel programmes
30 Mar 2017
New website launched as travel buyers offered free spaces for London and Dublin events
14 Oct 2016
Senior travel buyers gathered in London and Dublin to debate key policy issues
30 Sep 2016
The Forums bring together senior travel buyers and procurement professionals to discuss best practice, and share common challenges and successes, in running their travel programme
22 Jun 2016
Claudia Unger pens academic book for buyers
31 May 2016
Counter Terrorism officer speaks about dangers of incident and what to do if one takes place
5 May 2016
Counter terrorism expert David Parkes has been named as the keynote speaker at May's BBT forum
18 Feb 2016
Panel discusses how best to handle traveller communications in a variety of situations
12 Feb 2016
Lecturer from the Dublin Institute of Technology tells forum about ‘mind boggling’ amount of technology available to travellers
Buying Business Travel forum
7 Jan 2016
Complimentary buyers tickets for the event on February 9 are still available
17 Dec 2015
Buying Business Travel Magazine alongside the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), run bi-annual forums aimed at senior travel buyers. These one day peer-to-peer events brings travel managers together to discuss best practice, and share common challenges and successes, in running their travel programme.
18 Oct 2015
Buyers discuss controversial GDS fee
24 Sep 2015
Dublin event explores how buyers can optimise a risk strategy in a changing environment
10 Sep 2015
Event to explore how buyers can optimise your risk strategy in a changing environment
28 May 2015
Smart risk management was the topic for BBT's latest Forum
16 Apr 2015
Event supported by ACTE held at Grange City hotel on May 15
12 Mar 2015
Latest Forum discusses technology challenges and best practice in supplier management
Westbury Hotel, Dublin
5 Feb 2015
Buyers are eligible for free places at Dublin event this month