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Brexit illustration
22 Jun 2018
Decision 'depends on outcome of negotiations'
Sign saying We Are Hiring
21 Jun 2018
Members express recruitment troubles
Brexit illustration
29 May 2018
Only 6 per cent will feel happy about leaving the EU
Ryanair aircraft
22 May 2018
But O'Leary continues pessimistic Brexit outlook
European Union flag
26 Apr 2018
European Council approves pre-travel authorisation system
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
29 Mar 2018
Immigration service to recruit 1,000 extra staff to cope with Brexit
Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary
7 Mar 2018
Tactic would make Brits 're-think their decision'
Underbelly of an airplane
5 Mar 2018
UK 'willing to pay into EASA'
2 Mar 2018
Airports in the UK’s regions could form a vital part of the government’s post-Brexit strategy
Business traveller looking upset in an airport
16 Feb 2018
This year, new regulations require airlines to track baggage, and Brexit clauses are being added to commercial agreements
Transport secretary Chris Grayling
26 Jan 2018
Transport secretary speaks at Airlines UK dinner
8 Jan 2018
The travel industry should support ‘disruptor’ companies seeking new markets when lobbying key Brexiteers, says Gareth Morgan
3 Jan 2018
Airline 'preparing for hard Brexit'
EU Commission warns UK flights could be prevented from flying to the EU after Brexit
13 Dec 2017
UK carriers could lose right to fly in EU airspace
Traffic jams and queues could be a problem at the UK's borders after Brexit
16 Nov 2017
Better planning needed to avoid traffic jams
Graphic to represent trading after Brexit
30 Oct 2017
A post-customs union UK could prove advantageous to the business travel community, says Gareth Morgan
Adrian Parkes, CEO of GTMC
13 Oct 2017
As preparation for Brexit, we need to champion and strengthen our engagement with the Commonwealth
Planes at Heathrow airport
20 Sep 2017
Airport says tax cut would save £225m a year
1 Sep 2017
The implementation of EU data protection and compliance is complicated by Brexit
23 Aug 2017
Airports warn of potential plunge in passenger numbers next year