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Plane landing
25 Aug 2017
How can you upgrade your airline RFP experience?
25 Jul 2017
TMC goes live with NDC link which will avoid incoming GDS fee
15 Jun 2017
Content now available in TMC's booking platform
28 Apr 2017
Click Travel and Portman Clarity will avoid paying the €16 GDS booking charge
1 Mar 2017
With the market saturated with new products and tech companies, BBT looks at the large corporates investing in the new breed of entrepreneur
17 Feb 2017
The GDS: a once magnificent beast could be on its way out
8 Nov 2016 has ‘direct connect’ capability allowing suppliers to bypass the GDS
24 Jul 2015
Does EU membership have an impact on MICE planning? BBT looks at emerging markets and upcoming destinations in Eastern Europe...
11 Jun 2015
Duty-of-care is often thought of as a global priority - but travellers closer to home also need looking after
8 May 2015
Love it or hate it, technology is now king when it comes to we've compiled the best apps to help you on your business trip
 Five red flags to watch for when choosing a TMC
17 Apr 2015
In a blog post for Click Travel, Matt Roberts has outlined 5 things that will help you separate the good from bad when hiring a TMC
9 Apr 2015
TMC has sold one million tickets through Open Rail platform
24 Oct 2014
Click Travel gives buyers its top tips to ensure a sucessful relationship with your TMC
16 Mar 2014
Upcoming franchise renewals and growing interest in open-access operators signal changes for the industry.
21 Dec 2013
BBT looks at the advantages and pitfalls of flexible hotel pricing
28 Nov 2013
TMC is only agency to be named as a supplier for all categories
16 May 2013
BBT looks at the responsibilities companies must now shoulder for their travellers
6 Feb 2013
Fast-growing tech TMC targets further growth with new consulting division and VIP service
12 Dec 2012
Business travellers can hold train tickets for up to two hours before confirming purchase
28 Jul 2011
With HBAs developing into TMCs, and TMCs evolving into software companies, veteran journalist Stanley Slaughter contemplates what it all means for the business travel industry...