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BA owner IAG has called on the CAA to allow third parties to run terminals at Heathrow
14 Feb 2018
Man dies in crash on taxiway
City airport aerial view
12 Feb 2018
All flights cancelled until further notice
Ryanair aircraft
7 Feb 2018
Airline failing to reach agreement with pilots
Finnish transport workers could join strike action
30 Jan 2018
Up to 140,000 employees could walk out
Storm Eleanor could bring travel disruption on Wednesday
18 Jan 2018
Fallen trees affecting several train lines
Heavy snow causes delays on roads
17 Jan 2018
Wintry conditions could cause cancellations
Snow in New York City
4 Jan 2018
Widespread heavy snow hits area
Storm Eleanor could bring travel disruption on Wednesday
3 Jan 2018
Roads, trains and flights experiencing problems
Storm Eleanor could bring travel disruption on Wednesday
2 Jan 2018
Strong wind and rain forecast
Snow in the UK is bringing travel disruption
11 Dec 2017
Snow brings delays and cancellations
Satellite image of a hurricane
17 Oct 2017
Storm bears down on Scotland
18 Sep 2017
Wind and rain brings transport to a halt
22 Nov 2016
Long and short-haul flights will be hit
8 Aug 2016
Businesses are having to adapt to a world where terrorism, multiple casualty attacks and geopolitical disruption are increasingly common
20 Jun 2016
Lobby group calls ongoing French action ‘pathetic’
Air France
3 Jun 2016
Planned action for this weekend cancelled
2 Jun 2016
Disruption expected today on the Paris metro
7 Apr 2016
Hundreds of flights cancelled as country-wide action hits services