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13 Sep 2017
Business travellers long for their bed more than their children
11 Jul 2017
Calls for ‘cross-device integration’
Caroline Strachan
23 Feb 2017
Developing personalised travel experiences could help to keep employees happy
17 Feb 2017
TMC to unveil range at Business Travel Show
10 Feb 2017
Pre-trip approval is increasingly being used to drive compliance
3 Feb 2017
Switzerland-based Dominic Short, global category manager travel for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, talks to Bob Papworth
12 Oct 2016
TMC to focus on product and technology investment
British Airways and Avios unveil Apple Watch apps
5 Oct 2016
Egencia has launched its app on wearable technology Apple Watch and Android Wear.The app can provide step-by-step alerts on a trip, real-time travel updates, ground transport options and map facilities.
27 Sep 2016
Despite more policies allowing it only 28% use sites such as Airbnb and Lyft
29 Apr 2016
Expedia-owned TMC sees sales jump by 21 per cent in first quarter
airline baggage
20 Apr 2016
Deal with Amadeus set to improve flight booking process
19 Apr 2016
TMC opens new office in Singapore as it looks to expand in region
United Airlines B787 Dreamliner
15 Apr 2016
BBT hears from travel mangement firms over concerns with changes to US fare structures
26 Feb 2016
Christophe Peymirat, senior VP EMEA of Egencia says we should never lose sight of the customer in the drive for innovation
25 Feb 2016
Ground transport options included in Tripnavigator
Egencia Trip Navigator
10 Nov 2015
TMC extends air booking capability to Europe and other regions
29 Sep 2015
Egencia study shows more than half choose to stay in favourite hotel even if it’s more inconvenient
17 Sep 2015
Egencia owner gets clearance for US authorities for $1.6 million acquisition
25 Aug 2015
In a world where cost savings are seen as the ultimate goal for financial managers, business travel is often seen as a non-essential cost for a company. However should this really be the case? Egencia UK managing director Graham Kingsmill thinks not
3 Aug 2015
Lack of availability and unclear payment rules are concerns for travellers