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July/August 2017
For Business, Corporate Travel & Meeting Buyers & Arrangers

European Union

20 Jul 2017
New airline subsidiary starts operations after securing AOC
9 Jun 2017
Brussels outlines plans to offer protection for European airlines
Thomas Reynaert
13 Mar 2017
Airline lobby group wants action to minimise impact of air traffic control disruption
10 Feb 2017
Don’t be fooled by the Directive’s name – it’s not just for leisure travellers...
17 Nov 2016
Post-Brexit British travellers could have to apply for a document similar to the US ESTA
24 Jun 2016
IAG warns of short-term instability
21 Jun 2016
BHA study shows leaders believe migrant labour ‘critical’ to the industry
17 Jun 2016
Survey of UK industry mirrors recent opinion polls on EU membership
7 Jun 2016
Brexit or Bremain - what the result of June 23 will mean for business travel
7 Jun 2016
John Stepek, editor of Moneyweek magazine, analyses the ins and outs of ‘in’ and ‘out’ and talks up an exit from the European Union
23 May 2016
How is the changing payments landscape affecting corporate travel payments?
6 May 2016
Whatever the outcome of June’s EU referendum, there will be consequences for the travel industry
5 May 2016
Despite its many faults, the UK’s union with Europe is worth saving
21 May 2015
Our man speaks about data fears and onboards some blue-sky thinking in his latest column
14 May 2015
On the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the indefatigable Serbian capital is on the rise again...
3 Jul 2014
Airline association says current system is costing more than €9 billion per year
1 Jul 2014
Businesses and their travellers are set to benefit from new price cap
25 Nov 2013
US politicians accuse EU of “contravening” global deal on airline emissions
17 Oct 2013
EU risks a new row with trading partners over airline emissions
7 Oct 2013
But the future is unclear for EU’s own carbon scheme for aviation