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12 Jul 2017
Taxi app announces deals with eight expense management providers
23 Jun 2017
BBT spoke with Donders to find out the challenges in the sector, cutting leakage and new payment technology…
15 Mar 2017
Concur has introduced its first integrated traveller risk management solution
20 Dec 2016
More than a fifth of travellers expense wifi despite it being negotiated with the supplier
22 Sep 2016
Today’s technology allows companies to take advantage of everything from mobile apps to self-service web applications for booking travel, processing expense claims, and driving overall efficiency...
22 Apr 2016
Conferma study claims businesses find expenses too costly and confusing to manage
14 May 2015
Study shows value of technology in cost savings
5 Mar 2015
Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) has launched business travel payment solution ‘Travel Pro’, designed for business travel expenditure.
1 Oct 2014
How will mobile payment transform corporate travel and expense management?
24 Sep 2014
Report shows extent of T&E fraudulent activities
13 Mar 2014
Buyers still under pressure to reduce costs