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13 Jul 2017
Our regular columnist discusses how IAG’s introduction of GDS charges will impact the entire industry
20 Jun 2017
Organisations warn of threat to transparency and competition from airlines
8 Jun 2017
Airline group will add £4 to the cost of first bag booked through non-direct channels
Paul Wait
6 Jun 2017
Wait questions the high level of surcharges being levied by BA and Lufthansa
26 May 2017
An £8 charge will be added to any booking made through GDS from November
30 Apr 2017
Digital advances mean personalisation offers opportunities to buyers, their travellers and their TMCs – embrace the changes
20 Apr 2017
Independent UK hotels are fighting back against the power of the major chains, in spite of the uncertainties facing the sector
31 Mar 2017
Developments in dynamic tracking of airfares and room rates mean buyers can make the most of price volatility...
17 Feb 2017
The GDS: a once magnificent beast could be on its way out
27 Jan 2017
Our buyer on the keys to hotel compliance, using virtual cards, online booking agencies and good old-fashioned manpower
5 Oct 2016
But bookings hit on low-revenue European flights
15 Sep 2016
International development company DAI Europe’s travel and security manager talks to Bob Papworth about the challenges and rewards of her role...
2 Aug 2016
Amadeus data sees premium bookings jump between Europe and APAC
Travelport renews deal with Comair
5 May 2016
Revenues up in North America and EMEA
16 Mar 2016
German airline ‘seeking clarity’ on contractual terms
22 Dec 2015
We countdown the 10 most read articles on in 2015
16 Nov 2015
Low-cost professional car service Blacklane has partnered with a New York-based distribution service, enabling all of its services to be booked by travel agents.
Cloud technology to ‘transform’ airport experience
6 Nov 2015
Sometimes it seems like the mighty GDSs are always getting their own way...
5 Nov 2015
Airline’s move will allow direct bookings from search engine
29 Oct 2015
German carrier expects adjusted operating profit of between €1.75 billion and €1.95 billion