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Hogg Robinson Group (HRG)

21 Feb 2018
Panel raises questions about pricing models and transaction fees
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9 Feb 2018
Sale combines two of the largest TMCs
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23 Nov 2017
Company can connect with airlines on content
Tech overload
11 Sep 2017
As our lives become more dependent on technology, it gets harder than ever to switch off. A new era of ‘causal connectivity’ may hold the key
27 Jul 2017
TMC says customers are looking to “maximise the value” of spending
9 Jun 2017
Hotel expenses can be complex, but there is a range of solutions out there to provide a perfect fit, whatever the business
25 May 2017
TMC and expense management firm offer expanded access to clients
25 May 2017
Business travel giant also unveils higher profit for 2017
27 Apr 2017
Business travellers have never been so discerning – but the rapidly evolving serviced apartment sector seems to be ticking all the right boxes
Network Rail earmarks an extra 25 per cent for improvement works in new five-year plan
18 Apr 2017
Recent UK rail problems bring into focus how the sector is competing with air for domestic business travel
7 Apr 2017
While travel policymakers remain vigilant, premium air travel revenues are growing. BBT deciphers the mixed messages from the front of the plane...
1 Mar 2017
Keeping your travel policy up-to-date will help engage employees
27 Jan 2017
As the UK government pledges to be a ‘world leader’ in 5G, BBT explores how the travel industry stands to benefit from the next generation of ultra-fast mobile data speeds.
2 Aug 2016
BBT asks a travel buyer, TMC and airline to give their thoughts on better relationships, bigger purchasing power and ability to negotiate rates with the aviation industry...
Travel agent booking air tickets
12 Jul 2016
A recent court case highlights the need for clarity on both sides of the business travel equation...
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24 May 2016
TMC says aggressive pricing by rivals is putting pressure on revenues
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16 Mar 2016
Travel tech platform announces integrated taxi and transfer partnership
4 Mar 2016
Why pioneering a mobile policy could benefit you and your business
12 Feb 2016
Giving a gratuity while on the road is rising up the corporate travel agenda, but managing the expenses incurred remains a grey area for companies...
22 Dec 2015
BBT quizzed industry leaders on what to expect in the next 12 months...