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21 Jul 2017
Public asked for views as work begins on Manchester airport’s £1 billion “super terminal”
London City new control tower
19 May 2017
Airport will use high-definition technology to improve air traffic control
Pilatus PC12 aircraft
16 Mar 2017
Senior industry figures discuss more accessibility in private aviation
5 Dec 2016
Airline flight industry group warns of rise in flight delays
26 Oct 2015
Delays this morning at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Prestwick
15 Dec 2014
Business secretary blames ‘ancient’ systems for NATS chaos
Heathrow Terminal 2 first flight
12 Dec 2014
Computer problems at NATS control centre
26 Aug 2014
Deal struck between Manchester Airport Group and NATS
21 May 2014
UK airports will share real-time data with broader European network from 2015
9 Jul 2013
Restrictions placed on flights taking off from southern England
24 May 2011
NATS update at 3.30pm keeps focus on Scotland/the North
12 Jul 2010
British Airways (BA), BAA and air traffic control company NATS trialled a more environmentally friendly style of operating this weekend.
5 Jul 2010
UK air navigation services provider NATS has estimated it lost £5 million in revenue due to the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland, which caused mass flight cancellations and delays.
2 Jun 2010
Ireland and the UK plan to expand the scope of their cooperation over airspace.