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New Distribution Capability (NDC)

15 Dec 2017
Airline 'confident' in new strategy
29 Nov 2017
Airline’s GDS fee will not apply to clients with a “private channel” agreement
HRG logo
23 Nov 2017
Company can connect with airlines on content
21 Nov 2017
Is British Airways and Iberia’s agreement with GDSs to allow TMCs to avoid booking fees really about a move toward NDC, or is there more to it?
6 Nov 2017
Clients exempt from £8 surcharge
Carlson Wagonlit Travel logo
17 Oct 2017
Clients can avoid £8 per leg booking fee
Distribution evolution
13 Oct 2017
Group joins others in GDS fee waiver
Distribution evolution
10 Oct 2017
Airlines waive booking fee for clients
Distribution evolution
10 Oct 2017
Clients pay no fee with BA and Iberia
An in-depth look at NDC
6 Oct 2017
New Distribution Capability promises to offer real choices for flight booking, but progress has been slow
25 Jul 2017
TMC goes live with NDC link which will avoid incoming GDS fee
David Doctor
23 Jul 2017
Brands can’t afford to prioritise one distribution channel. NDC will only work if key players collaborate
12 Jul 2017
Airline strikes deal with merchandising distribution system provider
28 Jun 2017
US carrier is offering bundles of add-on products through a direct connection
25 May 2017
TMC and expense management firm offer expanded access to clients
Pilatus PC12 aircraft
16 Mar 2017
Senior industry figures discuss more accessibility in private aviation
24 Oct 2016
Move designed to make it easier for TMCs to give travellers access to all information including cabin details and baggage allowance
7 Sep 2016
Direct BA bookings can now be made through the travel search website
27 Apr 2016
Airline updates options available for agents to book through NDC systems