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Canada to test biometrics and blockchain for traveller identification
26 Jan 2018
Travellers may get pre-clearance with biometrics
Uber app
22 Nov 2017
Hackers stole user data in 2016
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
15 Nov 2017
CEO says governments should work together
CWT Connected Traveller survey infographic
2 Nov 2017
Yet Asia-Pacific travellers are the most prepared
Man with a gun on a plane to represent a major incident
11 Oct 2017
Employees not contacted or given help
Venues are looking closely at their security and safety procedures
3 Oct 2017
HBAA members looking closer in last six months
Man with a gun on a plane to represent a major incident
15 Sep 2017
Fears of terrorism are high on the corporate agenda, but the aviation industry is rising to meet the challenge
Cincinnati airport's security checkpoint
15 Sep 2017
Solution reduces TSA checkpoint wait times
6 Jul 2017
Tests at Atlanta and Denver airports
29 Jun 2017
New measures do not include an extension of the laptop ban
Laptop on aircraft
6 Jun 2017
Aviation body wants to see “more intense screening” at airport gates
Laptop on aircraft
18 May 2017
EU and US authorities meet to discuss “evolving threats” to airline security
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
25 Apr 2017
Study shows companies need to address concerns of travellers
25 Apr 2017
Trump could ban large electronic items in hand luggage on US-bound flights from Europe
NDC: Top tips for buyers
7 Apr 2017
Tips to make sure your data is protected from prying eyes...
27 Mar 2017
Amber Rudd hints that ruling could be expanded from the current eight countries
22 Mar 2017
Industry reaction following the UK and US announcements regarding the ruling
17 Mar 2017
GBTA study lists ‘unsafe’ destinations for business travellers
NDC: Top tips for buyers
17 Mar 2017
The chief information security officer at American Express Global Business Travel, Allen Allison, has provided tips to better protect your data...
20 Feb 2017
International SOS study shows security incidents impacted business continuity