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A Roomex study shows hotel bookings can be a major headache for SMEs
10 Oct 2017
A survey of SMEs by global hotel booking platform Roomex found that travel management – and hotel booking in particular – is an expensive administrative and compliance headache for companies.
28 Nov 2016
‘Business Travel in a Box’ is designed for companies that spend between £50,000 and £150,000 a year on travel
21 Jan 2016
Points awarded on kilometres travelled rather than cost of ticket
20 Jan 2016
FSB warns its members are losing confidence in government to make ‘tough’ decisions
11 Jan 2016
A private hire vehicle and taxi service designed specifically for SMEs has been launched.OT-24 is a fully-managed service linked to the largest network of for-hire vehicles in the UK.
18 Dec 2015
Smaller firms are more likely to allow travellers to book travel themselves over larger corporates
22 Sep 2015
Members of the On Business loyalty programme can get bonus points
21 Aug 2015
Smaller companies are not often blessed with large internal travel teams. The SME market, therefore, relies heavily on travel management companies (TMCs) for support and guidance. Martin Ferguson speaks to travel managers who spend less than £2 million annually on travel – and puts their questions to the TMCs
How much value does a TMC provide your business?
15 Aug 2015
Travel programmes for small and medium sized businesses require a different approach...
17 Jul 2015
Buyers can earn rewards for every reservation made with the hotel group
3 Jun 2015
SMEs can earn triple points on first six flights
24 May 2015
Scheme rewards firms that book over 50 rooms a year
10 Apr 2015
A slump in oil prices and more choice in premium products than ever – have buyers and travellers ever had it so good?
Chris Thelen, CEO Chambers Travel
8 Apr 2015
BBT editor Paul Revel talks to Chambers Travel Group’s CEO Chris Thelen
Social Media
31 Mar 2015
Once a distraction for employees and the bane of the boss’s life, Facebook is now enjoying resurgence in the corporate world
6 Jan 2015
TMC signs 3 year agreement with Rugby League club
27 Nov 2014
GTMC reveals that hotel, rail and car rental sales are increasing faster than air bookings
2 Nov 2014
Businesses of all sizes are looking at the advantages of using automated end-to-end expense solutions, reports Mark Frary
13 Aug 2014
Tapping into the travel market for smaller companies offers vast potential for TMCs
27 Feb 2012
SMEs are key to the nation’s growth prospects – but are they getting the travel services they need? David Churchill investigates