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Virgin West Coast staff have voted for industrial action
16 Nov 2017
Date of strike to be determined
Strikes in France could cause delays
16 Nov 2017
Air passengers face disruption today
Rail strike hits UK
8 Nov 2017
Five operators affected by walk-out
1 Nov 2017
British Airways mixed fleet cabin crew have voted to accept a pay deal, ending a long-running dispute with the airline that has seen 85 days of industrial action this year.
30 Oct 2017
Disruption possible on November 8 and 9
Strikes in France could cause delays
10 Oct 2017
Flights cancelled amid air traffic control walk-out
Rail tracks
5 Oct 2017
More rail strikes planned for Thursday
Heathrow airport
22 Sep 2017
Staff reject holiday pay offer
Strikes in France could cause delays
15 Sep 2017
Transport walk-out could cause train delays
Strikes in France could cause delays
11 Sep 2017
Flights and rail services could be affected by industrial action
1 Sep 2017
Workers on three franchises are taking industrial action over next few days
30 Aug 2017
No further dates for industrial action have been called
21 Aug 2017
Three franchises set for industrial action next month
14 Aug 2017
Next round of industrial action set to begin later this week
20 Jul 2017
Union Unite announces further 14-day stoppage in August
5 Jun 2017
Union announces four-day industrial action for later this month
25 May 2017
Industrial action will cause the cancellation of some airline services
Athens hopes to attract meetings organisers back to the city
17 May 2017
Airlines facing disruption due to walkout by air traffic controllers
Thomas Reynaert
13 Mar 2017
Airline lobby group wants action to minimise impact of air traffic control disruption
6 Mar 2017
Air traffic controllers set to take industrial action for five days