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sustainable travel

Green technology - travel suppliers need to do more to improve sustainability
19 Jan 2018
We travel buyers can only do so much – then sustainability has to be down to suppliers…
18 Jan 2016
Airport looks to boost expansion plans with large green areas around the airport
4 Jun 2015
Some handy tips on how to cut those CO2 emissions from your programme
26 May 2015
As the economy improves sustainability is back on the corporate agenda and no longer 'a nice thing to do'
2 Mar 2015
While suppliers seem to be embracing green initiatives, can the same be said if their corporate clients?
27 Jan 2015
GBTA study shows more than half of European firms have a focus on sustainability in their policy
29 Jan 2014
The financial crisis pushed green issues off the agenda, but has the recent economic upturn seen a renewed interest in sustainable travel?