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14 Dec 2017
Platform 'to implement NDC connection with airline'
29 Nov 2017
Airline’s GDS fee will not apply to clients with a “private channel” agreement
Business travellers would be lost without their smartphones, says Travelport research
9 Nov 2017
Majority value digital experience during trips
Travelport Smartpoint
21 Sep 2017
Agencies can access negotiated rates
5 Jul 2017
Travelport has announced a new retail product for hotels.Hotel Retail gives agents a tool to deliver a “personalised customer experience” enabling hotel attachment rates within one workflow.
26 May 2017
An £8 charge will be added to any booking made through GDS from November
21 May 2017
New mobile platform allows travellers to stay within company policy
30 Apr 2017
Digital advances mean personalisation offers opportunities to buyers, their travellers and their TMCs – embrace the changes
28 Apr 2017
Sector forecast to grow in the next decade led by Asia-Pacific and Africa regions
13 Apr 2017
A luxury icebreaker in Antarctica demonstrates the extremes that MICE events can go to…
13 Apr 2017
Awards recognise innovation in travel technology and open to all GTMC members
1 Mar 2017
With the market saturated with new products and tech companies, BBT looks at the large corporates investing in the new breed of entrepreneur
1 Mar 2017
Travel technology firm granted ‘Aggregator Level One’ and ‘IT provider Level Two’ status by IATA
3 Feb 2017
Travelport Locomote has launched into the UK as part of its international expansion plan for 2017
1 Nov 2016
Hopper app uses big data to find, analyse and predict air fare changes
22 Sep 2016
Australian corporate travel platform rebranded as Travelport Locomote
15 Sep 2016
First time low-cost Indian airline has struck a deal with a GDS provider
18 Jul 2016
Travelport has announced a long-term ‘full content’ agreement with Russian airline Aeroflot
20 May 2016
Agreement combines Smartpoint with hotel billback using virtual cards
6 Apr 2016
GDS firm buys its third party distributor