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UK Border Agency

UK government extends Registered Traveller service to 15 countries
5 Oct 2017
15 countries added to Registered Traveller service
Heathrow arrivals
25 Aug 2017
Airline expresses “frustration” over length of airport queues
14 Nov 2014
Automated immigration lanes are unveiled at airport
9 Jul 2014
Strikes part of large-scale public sector industrial action on July 10
2 Jul 2014
One-day stoppage could cause delays through UK immigration
4 Apr 2013
Legal challenge forces cancellation of walkout by immigration officials
3 Apr 2013
Union wants border control workers to stage new walkout
26 Mar 2013
Home secretary says that agency's performance is "not good enough"
19 Mar 2013
Airports warn about possible disruption through immigration during 24-hour industrial action
19 Jul 2012
Action called for eve of Olympics
25 Nov 2011
Immigration staff at Britain’s airports are set to go on strike on November 30
29 Jun 2011
Passengers arriving into the UK are being warned they may experience long waits at passport control
13 Oct 2010
Passengers arriving at UK ports and airports may face delays today and tomorrow, as border control staff have gone on strike.
13 May 2009
Move could mark end of iris recognition system