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United Airlines

United Airlines' Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft
20 Feb 2018
New aircraft to be based at Houston and Los Angeles
United Premium Plus seats
19 Jan 2018
Airline lays out plans for 2018
United Airlines plane in flight
9 Jan 2018
Policy changed for North America to/from China/Hong Kong
Linda Jojo, United Airlines
11 Dec 2017
BBT talked to Linda Jojo, executive vice president of technology and chief digital officer at United Airlines, to find out more about the airline’s investment in technology and the continued development of its app
United Airlines plane in flight
3 Nov 2017
United Airlines has reinforced its claim to the mantle of longest non-stop flight out of the US with the launch of its new Los Angeles-Singapore service on Sunday, which it first 
Passenger using the United app
1 Nov 2017
Users can now change and cancel flights
United Polaris business class
31 Oct 2017
United Airlines has resumed its seasonal service from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand, with six flights per week operating between now and December 17.
United Airlines plane in flight
24 Oct 2017
Airline is first US carrier to offer functionality
United Airlines B787 Dreamliner
28 Sep 2017
New programme to deal with overbooked flights
29 Aug 2017
Airports suspend commercial flights as they help with rescue efforts
27 Jul 2017
Carrier to offer a daily summer service to Colorado hub
14 Jul 2017
Travellers will be offered vouchers to voluntarily be bumped five days before departure
13 Jul 2017
Airline cancels service due to poor financial performance
IATA calls for strengthening of airline security
12 May 2017
ACTE raises questions about mobile device ban and possible extension to transatlantic flights
United Airlines B787 Dreamliner
10 May 2017
Airline impresses investors with latest traffic figures and low cancellations
27 Apr 2017
Airline announces new policies as it attempts to repair damage to reputation
18 Apr 2017
Airline sparked outrage when footage of a passenger dragged off a flight went viral
27 Mar 2017
Airline says it has a dress code for ‘special pass’ employees
20 Mar 2017
Phase 2 of the new portal expected to be introduced late-2017
27 Feb 2017
New routes and upgraded aircraft announced