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Virgin Trains East Coast

Virgin Trains East Coast
20 Sep 2017
Customers can bid for upgrades
Silverrail partners with SNCF
5 Jul 2017
Rail companies to sell cheaper tickets up to 10 minutes before departure
24 May 2017
Deal means vehicles will be located at stations along mainline route
Silverrail partners with SNCF
18 Apr 2017
Recent UK rail problems bring into focus how the sector is competing with air for domestic business travel
Virgin Trains East Coast
3 Jan 2017
Ambitious plans to win 50% of air/rail market on popular service
Virgin Trains East Coast
3 Oct 2016
Virgin Trains East Coast staff have started a 24-hour strike in a long-running dispute over job security.Virgin Trains said it will run a full timetable during the strike after contingency plans were put in place.