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Graphic to illustrate cyber security
19 Sep 2018
Ali Hussain, chief innovation and technology officer at ATPI Group, discusses the steps travel managers need to take to ensure their programme is data security compliant
Ian Heywood
18 Sep 2018
Ian Heywood, Travelport's global head of product and marketing, on NDC's challenges and opportunities in the new era of travel retail
14 Sep 2018
How will buyers be affected by hotel cancellation penalties and pricing structures?
Suzanne Horner
14 Sep 2018
Gray Dawes’ chief executive talks about the TMC's acquisitions and ‘finding gems'
10 Sep 2018
Traveller wellbeing is on-trend, but how can travel managers wake up employers to do something about it?
Blue Cube
7 Sep 2018
BBT pays a visit to the TMC's office to hear how the company is growing, and nurturing talent
6 Sep 2018
Buyers and TMCs should be filing overseas expenses under ‘risk’, urges Caxton FX’s CEO Rupert Browne
Hannah Richardson holding her award for Travel Buyer of the Year at the 2018 Business Travel Awards
5 Sep 2018
Hannah Richardson is the travel category manager at KPMG and winner of the 2018 Business Travel Awards Travel Buyer of the Year award
Adrian Parkes, CEO of GTMC
4 Sep 2018
To help our industry prosper, our focus is on how best to recruit talented candidates and support apprentices, says Adrian Parkes
30 Aug 2018
New entrants are targeting buyers with technology that upends traditional booking processes and pricing
Graphic of the African continent made out of currency
28 Aug 2018
Africa’s growth potential is staggering, and barriers preventing expansion are beginning to fall
Person opening a hotel room door
23 Aug 2018
Another day, another acquisition. Hotel takeovers show no signs of slowing, but how does this trend affect rates and quality, and does it present new opportunities for buyers?
20 Aug 2018
Costing and managing ground transport has always been a challenge. Does new technology have the potential to bring it under control?
16 Aug 2018
You can’t please all of the people, all of the time – but our experts share how you can give it your best shot in this era of cost-cutting and automation
14 Aug 2018
TMCs and travel buyers spill the beans on the seemingly unsolvable situations they’ve had to deal with
9 Aug 2018
Tailoring a business travel service to a small or medium-size enterprise can be very rewarding
Norwegian premium seats
7 Aug 2018
Low-cost carriers with new aircraft are disrupting the transatlantic market. Are travel buyers persuaded to use them?
Steve Greenwood, vice-president and facilities and travel manager EMEA at AB
2 Aug 2018
Bob Papworth talks to the vice-president and facilities and travel manager EMEA at investment management firm AB
31 Jul 2018
While buyers can access a growing range of risk management services to help reassure staff, travellers also need to play their part
Fred Stratford, CEO of Reed & Mackay
25 Jul 2018
BBT talks to Fred Stratford, Group CEO of Reed & Mackay, about the TMC’s acquisition of Hillgate Travel, as well as what consolidation means for corporates