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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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New research sheds light on the physical effects of business travel

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New research sheds light on the physical effects of business travel

Good bit of research released from Airplus and the Business Travel Market team. It seems that business travel is bad for you... (actually doing it, not just arranging it). Apparently business travellers can suffer from decreases in mental capacity, increased stress levels and decreased productivity.

The research used control groups - one lot who travel, one lot who don't.

The average daily recovery percentage in the non-travelling group was 26% compared to only 14% in the travelling group and the quality of recovery with the travelling group scoring -35 on average compared to +81 in the non- travelling group.

It led to...

  • A reduction of mental capacity
  • Diminished communication skills
  • Lower levels of concentration
  • Decreased engagement
  • Reduced levels of tolerance
  • Increased risk of ill health
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Of course, this might explain
Of course, this might explain it Travellers more concerned about baggage than health
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