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BA to launch new transfer service at Heathrow

British Airways premium transfer drive service

British Airways is launching a transfer service for premium customers designed to eliminate missed connections at Heathrow.

The Premium Transfer Drive service offers eligible customers a car transfer from their domestic flight to an onward BA short or long-haul service, where there is a risk of them  missing the connection without the transfer.

The service is available to the following customers when connecting from a UK domestic service:

  • Passengers connecting on to a short-haul flight in Club Europe
  • Passengers connecting on to a long-haul flight in either Club World or First
  • Silver or Gold Executive Club members

BA says that its team at Heathrow “will track these customers, and where there’s a risk they will miss their connection, will provide an “airside” car transfer between one flight and the next”.

A message will also be sent to the inbound aircraft, so that cabin crew can inform the customer that a car will be waiting, “thereby alleviating any stress or worry”.

Carolina Martinoli, British Airways’ new director of brand and customer experience, said: “Missing a connection is one of the most stressful situations a customer can experience, so helping them through that journey and keeping them informed is critical.

“The new premium transfer service will enable us to identify customers who are at risk of missing their onward flight, and proactively arrange to collect them by car, whisking them directly to their next flight.

“We’re already receiving great customer feedback from customers who have benefitted from the new service and as wifi is introduced on our aircraft, we’ll also be able to use that to communicate directly with customers about their onward flight.”



It would be interesting to know if BA have looked at the possibility of or would consider extending this service for passengers arriving into LHR and departing from LGW and vice versa?
This would be of particular interest to our premium leisure clients who like to holiday in the Caribbean.
Kind regards
Anne Bromley
Joint Managing Director
Travel Bureau

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Anne Bromley (not verified)

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