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Certify acquires online booking platform

Expense management specialist Certify has purchased a corporate online booking platform from Nu Travel.

US-based Certify said buying this technology from Nu Travel would allow it to offer a new booking platform, called Certify Enterprise Travel, to mid-sized and larger companies, as well as their TMCs.

Bob Neveu, president of Certify, said: “We are now one of the only expense management providers that also controls the online booking technology, making Certify a best-in-class travel and expense management solution.

“Our partnership opportunities with TMCs and corporate travel departments are extensive and we will continue to disrupt the T&E (travel and entertainment) space.”

Certify said the purchase of the booking platform now allowed it to offer a complete inhouse solution” for travel and expense management for clients of all sizes so that it can take on competitors such as Concur.

Following the deal, Nu Travel will continue to specialise in offering airline services and will “not compete with Certify” in the travel and expenses sector.

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