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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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EU plans to tackle unfair competition from foreign rivals

The EU has outlined plans to give European airlines greater competition against foreign rivals and to further support “open and connected” aviation markets.

The initiatives follow complaints from some European airlines against carriers from the Gulf around “illegal subsidies” from Middle East governments.

“We want to ensure that Europe remains a leader in international aviation, well connected to fast-growing markets, with efficient European skies,” said commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc. “Our actions should deliver concrete benefits for passengers, workers and the aviation industry.”

The Open and Connected Aviation package will look at two main competencies – maintain leadership in international aviation and tackle limits to growth in European skies.

The proposals, which still need to be cleared by European Parliament and Council, will allow European governments to submit complaints about any alleged discriminatory practices they face in non-EU countries.

If the EU finds in favour of the European country submitting the complaint it can issue financial penalties and restrict the services that airline receives at European airports.

“Today’s proposals aim at maintaining Europe’s leadership in international aviation, as well as at improving connectivity and airspace efficiency. A strong and sustainable European aviation sector is essential to support the EU’s economy and climate goals.”

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So the EU is following the US lead on creating a truly protectionist agenda. Ultimately this leads to higher prices, lower standards and slower growth. It reflects the European economic outlook generally. Closer integration translates into stagnation in the end and we can see the trend playing out currently. Thank goodness the UK will no longer be an active part of a system that tries to smother progress.

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