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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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Lufthansa finds partner for blockchain tech

Blockchain image

Lufthansa Group has entered a content partnership with Switzerland-based tech start-up Winding Tree to develop a public blockchain marketplace for the travel industry.

The aim of the partnership is to decentralise the B2B marketplace in order to allow start-ups and small companies to have access to global travel service providers’ offerings without going through an intermediary, according to Lufthansa. Putting it simply, the airline says the system will allow airlines, hotels and other travel service providers to show customers specific offers tailored to their needs. This will in turn enable travellers to book, for instance, Lufthansa flights via the offer that best suits their preferences.

“The partnership with the Lufthansa Group will allow us to build blockchain-based travel apps which not only adhere to the requirements of airlines but we will be able to test these with Europe#s largest airline, further validating the efficiency and scalability of the platform.”,

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