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Egencia to launch ‘suite’ of expense management products

Travel management firm Egencia has announced the launch of a new range of expense management products.

It will consist of:

Egencia Open Sync - Travellers will be able to consolidate receipts and credit card transactions directly in Egencia, and then feed them in one-click into their expense system. This product is currently in beta and will be piloted first with customers and partners.

Egencia Open Connect Platform - This platform is based on a set of APIs (application program interfaces) that feed a system of travel and expense, traveller risk management, and enterprise resource planning partners. Egencia is extending this reporting and data management infrastructure with enhanced functionality; including the ability to extend the platform to new partners.

Egencia integrated travel and expense - Egencia will expand its offering to provide an integrated travel and expense management solution to create an end-to-end experience that captures booking, fulfilment and expense. Egencia’s first fully integrated expense management partner will be its affiliate Traveldoo, with other expense providers to follow.  


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