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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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Trainline for Business launches international API

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Trainline for Business has today (September 25) announced the introduction of a unifying API that it says will simplify the sourcing of rail for its partners and customers.

The new international API will bring together a large selection of rail carriers in a move the company says will streamline the sourcing of rail for large corporations, TMCs, online booking tools and online travel agencies. Travel Planet has already signed on to the initiative and will be launching a new rail-booking service using the API content.

Trainline says this new interface provides customers with a single source for international rail content, reducing the need to visit multiple suppliers when a journey requires tickets with more than one carrier. The API will bring together 87 train companies across 24 countries, with more set to be added.

Alidad Moghaddam, European director of Trainline for Business, comments: “Our new international rail platform will take complexity out of a fragmented global rail landscape, giving businesses, travel agencies and booking agents hassle-free access to rail content across many carriers and countries.”


For eg, Let's say you use the portal to buy a London-Koln journey. The portal buys a Eurostar ticket to Brussels and a DB ticket to Koln, using an 'official' time to make the connection at Brussels. If you did this as a member of the public and missed the connection owing to late running on Eurostar, you would have to buy another journey on DB, ie you take the risk. Will Trainline be taking the risk and honouring connecting journeys on missed connections?

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Noam (not verified)

"Trainline is therefore not responsible for any delays, cancellations, or other disruptions to train services and we do not set any of the terms and conditions, including eligibility for refunds, of the various ticket types."

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Torsten (not verified)

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