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BBT July/August 2018
July/August 2018
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FCM launches Connect tech tool

FCM Connect on tablet

FCM Travel Solutions has today (September 26) launched a new suite of interconnected business travel tools called FCM Connect.

The company says FCM Connect is the result of significant investment in technology solutions and is designed to create a complete travel resource for bookers, travellers and managers.

The software is accessed through ‘HUB’, a single sign-on connection point to multiple tools and resources, including pre-trip approval, booking, traveller tracking and reporting. FCM Connect’s interface can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile device and can be personalised to give each user the information that is relevant to them.

Connect’s booking tool is Seeqa, a business travel solution that allows the user to plan, book and purchase complete air, hotel, car, rail and other ancillary services within company policy, with 24/7 access. The software also gives travellers on the move access to flight and hotel bookings, online check-in, flight status and trips tools such as maps, weather forecasts and destination guides delivered through their mobile.

Marcus Eklund, global general manager at FCM Travel Solutions, said: “After extensive client consultation, we have channelled the results into product development and refined our end-to-end solutions. FCM Connect also supports our clients across the spectrum of their travel programme priorities, from cost reduction strategies and data compliance to duty of care responsibilities and global, regional or national fulfilment."

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