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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

dcs plus unveils CSBT – the online booking tool for SME corporate customers

Compliance and control or freedom of choice and flexibility? The travel manager’s vote would go to control, procurement expects more savings with every new year, while the business travellers want ease of use and the booking experience delivered by consumer websites.

We believe that managing corporate travel shouldn’t have to be a stressful and rigid process. For way too long, organisations either went traditional on booking business trips or compromised on the online booking tool, prioritising control over convenience or vice versa.

After more than 14 years of gaining valuable insights while working closely with travel professionals, we decided to develop a solution that would eliminate the compromise altogether. So, we mapped out the main pain points of TMCs in their struggle to competitively service corporate customers. In doing so, we went even further to understand the needs of those corporate customers.

Having the data rolled out in front of us, we saw the amazing potential for building a self-booking tool that can make a real difference for the SME segment. And that’s how Corporate Self Booking Tool (CSBT) was released to complement our software stack of solutions for travel.

CSBT’s proposal is straightforward: a consumer-friendly interface with a simplified and intuitive booking flow compliant with the travel policies in place within the company, while providing to the TMC the freedom to sell travel services from the desired suppliers.

Hassle-free onboarding process
One of the main hassles that SMEs’ travel managers encounter is directly linked to the amount of time needed for training in using a corporate self-booking tool. The 80/20 rule comes to mind. In most companies, 20 per cent of the employees make 80 per cent of the travel. These heavy travellers get used to the system, but what happens when the rest of the employees need to travel?! Every single time a not-so-regular traveller needs to book a flight he or she will probably need a training session.

In consequence, we configured an intuitive onboarding flow. Basically, any travel manager can easily set-up the travel policy and the approval chain without the need for extended training sessions. As for the business travellers, booking a business trip can be easier than booking a weekend getaway.

Freedom of content
Being a content neutral platform, CSBT by dcs plus allows TMCs to tailor it to their customers’ needs by adding the travel content contracted from preferred suppliers. Commercial airlines and low-cost carriers, through multiple GDSs or through Direct Connect options, hotels from the wholesalers with signed agreements or directly contracted hotels – a wide range of options to choose from. For TMCs, this content freedom triggers increased flexibility in setting trade policies and more negotiation leverage, due the increased booking volumes.

Seamless rollout of travel policies, ensured compliance and streamlined approval
The CSBT is also a rules-based engine that gives SMEs’ travel managers greater control, flexibility and options to create user profiles, to set travel restrictions per service, outside and inside policy configurations, and approval workflows, as well as multi-approval chain.

Travel managers can build the rules that support restricted hide or request for approval options to further personalise the travel policy.

No transaction fees
The pricing structure of the CSBT will prove to be an essential competitive advantage for any TMC, as we do not apply any charges per transaction made in the platform. In this way, the travel management company won't feel overwhelmed by the costs involved and can focus on providing high-quality service for its SME customers.

Keeping the operational cost in check will open the door for future growth.

Continuous innovation
Looking ahead, business travel programmes will demand smarter and faster technology to reinvent existing processes and bring incremental improvements in the user experience. We are continuously working on improving our solution to help our customers stay ahead of the curve by offering a modern online booking solution that makes corporate travel a convenient and seamless experience. To that extent, we are confident that later on this year we will have a brand-new version of CSBT available.

We stay true to our vision that is quite simple… offer an enterprise-grade, business-critical, end-to- end solution that addresses the needs of all types of travel players.

Find out more about CSBT here

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