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Travel Counsellors: Careers

Find out what it’s like to work in the world’s top ranking travel company

Creating the perfect business travel plan is a special talent. It requires the ability to identify the precise wants and needs of a company, and working within a strict budget, deliver an itinerary which takes people from A to B in comfort, in style and all in good time. But when you’re trying to secure a business travel service which does all this and more, what else should you be looking for?

One of the main reasons why Travel Counsellors has experienced such substantial and consistent year-on-year growth is the emphasis they place on personal service. Travel Counsellors for Business are unique in the sense that they not only take into consideration the expectations of the company when building a travel plan, but also the individual preferences of each individual traveller.

Travel Counsellors is the world’s top ranking travel company when it comes to customer satisfaction (96% NPS), because their agents take the time to understand what each individual person on the plan values most from their travel. From window seats to special dietary concerns, it’s all built into a corporate travel solution which goes far beyond the practicalities of getting company delegates where they need to be.

This unrivalled focus on personal service makes Travel Counsellors a fantastic proposition for talented professionals looking to discover their full potential in travel. Travel Counsellors can rely on exceptional support when it comes to professional development, account management and industry-leading booking systems, allowing them to run their own corporate travel business with all the challenges and rewards that brings.

A Business Travel Counsellor opens the door for companies of all sizes to experience a true concierge travel service, while giving the travel professional a level of freedom and flexibility in their working life which is second to none. Together with the promise of uncapped potential earnings, Travel Counsellors provides an excellent environment in which ambitious travel experts can flourish.

To find out more about life as a Travel Counsellor, and how you could make your business travel service much more personal, get in touch with the Careers team on 0800 987 0267, email or click here for a free information pack.

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