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17 Feb 2017
The GDS: a once magnificent beast could be on its way out
10 Feb 2017
Pre-trip approval is increasingly being used to drive compliance
27 Jan 2017
Concur’s new president on maverick behaviour and the single-app experience
27 Jan 2017
As the UK government pledges to be a ‘world leader’ in 5G, BBT explores how the travel industry stands to benefit from the next generation of ultra-fast mobile data speeds.
6 Jan 2017
We name the people, companies and products expected to drive change, set agendas and make an impact on corporate travel in 2017
22 Dec 2016
With developments in travel technology advancing at a rapid pace, BBT analyses what new tools are available for disabled travellers
22 Dec 2016
Hotel loyalty schemes are growing in importance and popularity, but at what cost to compliance?
22 Dec 2016
What can we expect 2017 to bring the world of business travel? BBT casts the runes...
22 Dec 2016
Today’s pace of change means keeping mobile strategy current is a constant challenge
Andy Boland
10 Nov 2016
Transport firm's boss talks about the challenges of competing with Uber and the impact of Brexit
Singapore is ranked as the world's smartest city
28 Oct 2016
The advance of technology in major cities is set to benefit both buyers and travellers
26 Aug 2016
BBT evaluates the different ways in which small- to medium-sized enterprises manage their travel
Chauffeur transfer
5 Aug 2016
Rapidly advancing technology is shaking up the previously static world of ground transport
2 Aug 2016
A report from CWT and the GBTA has identified a number of trends and risks that could have an impact on the travel sector next year
Chris Baker, Concur
26 Jul 2016
Concur MD Chris Baker says an ‘always on’ culture can work for your business
Robot doctor
15 Jul 2016
BBT takes the pulse of some of the latest travel apps in the growing m-Health sector
5 Jul 2016
BBT takes the pulse of the travel industry’s role in the growing mobile health sector
24 Jun 2016
Is personalisation a threat to managed travel, or a benefit that’s being delivered too slowly?
16 Jun 2016
Is personalisation a threat to managed travel, or a benefit that’s being delivered too slowly?
10 Jun 2016
VR is tipped to go mainstream in 2016 – but could it become a serious buyers’ tool?