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21 Feb 2018
Airline will talk to buyers before marketing directly to their travellers
Yapta services integrate with Amadeus GDS
13 Feb 2018
Amadeus users can utilise FareIQ and RoomIQ
Ryanair aircraft
12 Dec 2017
Companies 'failed to reach commercial agreement'
6 Dec 2017
Not-for-profit sector TMC plans to expand in UK, EU and North America
Amadeus and HRS logos
28 Nov 2017
Amadeus and HRS have announced a partnership that will see HRS’s meetago small meeting solution integrate with Amadeus’s cytric Travel & Expense system.
Blockchain image
18 Oct 2017
White paper identifies blockchain potential
Distribution evolution
13 Oct 2017
Group joins others in GDS fee waiver
Distribution evolution
10 Oct 2017
Airlines waive booking fee for clients
Distribution evolution
10 Oct 2017
Clients pay no fee with BA and Iberia
Accessibility needs for disabled travellers are not being met by the industry
9 Oct 2017
Accessibility needs not met across travel industry
Tech overload
11 Sep 2017
As our lives become more dependent on technology, it gets harder than ever to switch off. A new era of ‘causal connectivity’ may hold the key
Train in Italy
8 Sep 2017
The EU wants to open up the continent’s rail industry, but what obstacles could block the track to a single rail market?
David Doctor
23 Jul 2017
Brands can’t afford to prioritise one distribution channel. NDC will only work if key players collaborate
Antoine de Kerviler
30 Jun 2017
Travel technology firm aims to speed up development of rail distribution service
Cloud technology to ‘transform’ airport experience
13 Jun 2017
Travel technology firm claims new solution can save firms up to 65% on expense reporting
2 May 2017
Manufacturer uses suppliers including Airplus and BCD to ‘completely rethink’ travel programme
26 Apr 2017
Company claims VR experience could change the way travellers shop
4 Apr 2017
Partnerships announced with Distribusion and Betterez
22 Dec 2016
What affect will new business models have on managed travel
19 Dec 2016
Travel technology company Amadeus has unveiled its list of travel trends that will have an impact on the industry next year