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Amazon Echo device on a desk
18 Jul 2018
Echo device will answer questions about travel programmes
Easyjet Alexa
26 Jun 2017
Airline launches new option for passenger information
25 Apr 2017
BBT looks at how the ‘bot’ revolution is starting to impact on the business travel community
2 Feb 2017
Members can access their balance through the new voice-recognition service
27 Jan 2017
As the UK government pledges to be a ‘world leader’ in 5G, BBT explores how the travel industry stands to benefit from the next generation of ultra-fast mobile data speeds.
19 Dec 2016
Hotel to equip its 4,748 with the voice-activated device
Travelport renews deal with Comair
15 Sep 2016
Smart speaker launches in the UK
19 Oct 2015
Site closes after just six months in operation
23 Apr 2015
Amazon Destinations will to start with feature 150 properties in US
24 Nov 2014
Report suggests that online retailer will launch travel platform in 2015