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25 Apr 2017
BBT looks at how the ‘bot’ revolution is starting to impact on the business travel community
10 Oct 2016
Aeroflot passengers can now pay for flights using Apple Pay.The Russian carrier’s website payment page will feature Apple Pay as a new way to pay for the airline’s services.
British Airways and Avios unveil Apple Watch apps
5 Oct 2016
Egencia has launched its app on wearable technology Apple Watch and Android Wear.The app can provide step-by-step alerts on a trip, real-time travel updates, ground transport options and map facilities.
24 Mar 2016
Card specialist enables members to use Apple devices for purchases
Egencia Trip Navigator
10 Nov 2015
TMC extends air booking capability to Europe and other regions
British Airways and Avios unveil Apple Watch apps
16 Oct 2015
Calling all travel professionals: what role could or should wearable technology play in business travel?
1 Sep 2015
Airline will allow passengers to book through iPhone and iPad app
19 Aug 2015
American Express has added Apple Pay for its US corporate card customers
Easyjet Apple Watch app
10 Jul 2015
BBT takes a look at the latest gear-on-the-go, and asks how it will benefit the business traveller
Easyjet RISER drone
3 Jul 2015
BBT editor Paul Revel checks out Easyjet's latest technology initiatives on a trip to Milan
18 May 2015
Emirates has launched its Android app enabling passengers to book flights and manage bookings on the global mobile platform.
British Airways and Avios unveil Apple Watch apps
24 Apr 2015
Apple to launch product in the UK today
Qantas app for Apple Watch
20 Mar 2015
Australian airline will launch app for new wearable device
1 May 2013
No-frills giant to test new system at four UK airports
18 Jul 2012
Mobile optimised site launched
21 Mar 2012
You can download a free Buying Business Travel app, enabling you to read the latest full digital editions of  the magazine on your iPad, iPhone and Android
28 Feb 2012
Why has the take-up of smartphone and tablet tech by travel buyers not been as high as expected? Alex Blyth asks the experts for answers
1 Feb 2012
Technology is one of the most powerful forces driving the changes we’re seeing in business travel. So who are the most influential people in this field? Mark Frary reports
1 Dec 2011
Apps, platforms, devices... mobile technology is a challenging and fast-moving aspect of business travel.
1 Jun 2011
Mobile technology is changing the way we book travel and log data, but Martin Cowen says some corporates need to catch up now or risk being left behind