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BCD Travel

27 Nov 2018
TMC joins NDC Partner Program
BCD Travel logo
21 Nov 2018
Report explores implication of tools on compliance and duty of care
BCD Travel and Groupize logos
8 Nov 2018
Clients can utilise simple meetings management solution
Graphic to represent key performance indicators
12 Oct 2018
Reliance on data 'hinders visibility of programme success'
Graph showing increase in prices
20 Sep 2018
Demand for air and hotels driving trends
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17 Aug 2018
BCD Travel explores blockchain, AI, chatbots, etc
Amadeus logo
17 Aug 2018
BCD and American Airlines join roster
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7 Aug 2018
TMC also introduces 'anywhere' booking capability
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1 Aug 2018
New Alexa skill gives travellers itinerary information
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17 Jul 2018
South American agency has been a partner since 1999
21 Mar 2018
BCD Travel expects higher flight prices in some regions
BCD Travel launches Solutionsource
7 Feb 2018
Solutionsource gives clients access to technology partners
BCD M&E Grass Roots logos
19 Dec 2017
Group plans to use purchase to strengthen its global meetings presence
BCD Travel and Concur logos
24 Nov 2017
Tripsource will integrate with Concur for hotel bookings
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2 Nov 2017
Customers can avoid £8 fee
27 Jun 2017
The present used to be a good gauge of the future; not anymore. There’s an exponential shift going on, mainly focused on technology. Change is happening faster than we can compute. It will transform managed travel by 2030. What could our lives be like? Read on...
London skyline
19 Jun 2017
Senior buyers and travel experts gather in London and Dublin for debates around the ‘digital revolution’ and how it impacts travel programmes
2 May 2017
Manufacturer uses suppliers including Airplus and BCD to ‘completely rethink’ travel programme
28 Apr 2017
TMC designs experiences for corporate hospitality
7 Apr 2017
While travel policymakers remain vigilant, premium air travel revenues are growing. BBT deciphers the mixed messages from the front of the plane...