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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019

Big data

19 Apr 2017
Study shows businesses are investing more in data and analytics for their travel departments
1 Nov 2016
Hopper app uses big data to find, analyse and predict air fare changes
Singapore is ranked as the world's smartest city
28 Oct 2016
The advance of technology in major cities is set to benefit both buyers and travellers
21 May 2015
Our man speaks about data fears and onboards some blue-sky thinking in his latest column
30 Jan 2015
CWT study shows issues buyers will focus on this year
Plane landing
29 Jan 2015
But data expert says plans to store traveller info does breach personal privacy
28 Jan 2015
42 separate pieces of passenger information including bank details could be kept
Mystery buyer
20 Nov 2014
As more airlines make signing up to Prism a prerequisite, our anonymous travel buyer is less than happy...
20 Oct 2014
Buyers call on suppliers to provide faster and more accurate traveller data
12 Aug 2014
With overwhelming volumes of data now available, buyers must stay focused on what matters
1 Aug 2014
Conference told that analytics were bringing a range of benefits
Mystery buyer
25 Jul 2014
As new industry changes come into play such as IATA’s NDC our anonymous travel buyer feels GDSs must up their game or get left behind
Travelport renews deal with Comair
12 Jul 2014
Can social media be a positive part of your travel programme?
6 Jun 2014
Does the amount spent on business travel correlate with a company's profitability?
5 Jun 2014
Report suggests airlines should think more like retailers to maximise revenues
17 May 2014
Google's head of travel says there's an opportunity for the industry to make better use of data
Travelport renews deal with Comair
6 May 2014
Data can tell buyers about the past – but it can also be used to manage the future.
6 May 2014
Data can tell buyers about the past but it can also be used to manage the future
22 Feb 2014
Fergal Kelly, VP for travel merchandising and distribution at tech firm Travelport, says it’s vital for the industry to work together to best meet customer needs.
3 Feb 2014
Buyers urged to include data guarantees in contracts with suppliers