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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


A golden Bitcoin sitting on top of a pile of pennies
15 Apr 2019
TMC partners with BitPay for cryptocurrency transactions
Winding Tree logo
10 Dec 2018
Airlines collaborate to develop new tools
John Melchior and Javier Gallego
5 Dec 2018
Travel Ledger Alliance adds two members to advisory board
Winding Tree logo
4 Oct 2018
Group will test technology throughout development
Roberto Da Re and Jay Patel
26 Apr 2018
Session will cover changes in the industry
Canada to test biometrics and blockchain for traveller identification
26 Jan 2018
Travellers may get pre-clearance with biometrics
Allen Allison from American Express Global Business Travel
23 Jan 2018
Before blockchain can be used to its full potential, the industry must make some changes of its own, says Allen Allison from American Express GBT
Blockchain graphic
11 Jan 2018
As blockchain’s potential becomes apparent, the travel industry is beginning to pay attention
Blockchain image
18 Oct 2017
White paper identifies blockchain potential
Vision Apartments
3 Mar 2017
Swiss-based company will take payments in “cryptocurrency”