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March April 2017
For Business, Corporate Travel & Meeting Buyers & Arrangers

British Airways

21 Mar 2017
Ruling comes into force on March 25
20 Mar 2017
Alitalia cancels 40% of services
17 Mar 2017
Flights to operate out of Barcelona with plans to expand across Europe
7 Mar 2017
Extra seats will be added on some A320 and A321 aircraft from next year
27 Feb 2017
Further action in long-running dispute over pay
16 Feb 2017
British Airways to start services from Stansted and City
13 Feb 2017
Workers could walkout on February 17
1 Feb 2017
Airline to merge a small number of short-haul flights from Heathrow
31 Jan 2017
1% fee to start on Feb 7
27 Jan 2017
Workers on ‘mixed fleet’ contracts to walkout from February 5
27 Jan 2017
Concur’s new president on maverick behaviour and the single-app experience
23 Jan 2017
Airline makes service changes on flights to and from China and Hong Kong
23 Jan 2017
Easyjet to operate entirely from North Terminal
19 Jan 2017
Cabin crew walkout in a dispute over ‘mixed fleet’ contracts
17 Jan 2017
Mixed Fleet cabin crew set to walkout for 72 hours from Thursday
13 Jan 2017
Mixed fleet crew set to walkout for 72 hours next week
12 Jan 2017
Data shows airlines and airports that received the most complaints last year
12 Jan 2017
BA urges passengers to check flight status before travelling to airport
Vueling aircraft
10 Jan 2017
Traffic for Aer Lingus, BA, Iberia and Vueling jumped 14% on 2015
9 Jan 2017
Airline also dropping Alicante route from City airport