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Fingerprint biometrics illustration
24 Jul 2018
Ali Hussain, chief innovation and technology officer at the ATPI Group, discussed how biometrics could shape the business trip of the future
11 Dec 2011
Paul Tilstone, managing director of GBTA Europe, looks at the global economy and its ruthless impact on the success or otherwise of travel programmes
24 Nov 2011
Mike Platt compares the inability to solve the London airport conundrum to a poorly performed tango – inefficient and downright embarrassing
10 Nov 2011
Peter Dunkin, aviation advisor and executive coach, finds a few uncanny similarities between Qantas’ current troubles and BA’s strike-strewn recent past
13 Oct 2011
Why the business travel industry needs the press
21 Jul 2011
Paul Tilstone, managing director of GBTA Europe, looks at monumental shifts occurring in the business travel landscape and suggests buyers and suppliers alike should embrace the changes, rather than block them...
7 Jul 2011
Alex Mifsud, CEO of Ixaris, suggests the OFT's proposed banning of debit card fees should prompt travel managers to look closer at the cards they use
22 Jun 2011
Understanding the true costs around low cost carriers is more complicated than you might think, says Paul East, chief commercial officer for Wings Travel Management
12 May 2011
When in doubt about the new Bribery Act, go with common sense, says Paul East, chief commercial officer for Wings Travel Management
3 May 2011
Paul Tilstone, managing director of GBTA Europe and CEO of ITM UK & Ireland, questions how much change is wise, in an already fast-developing industry...
21 Apr 2011
Kevin P. Mitchell, chairman of the US-based Business Travel Coalition, expounds the GDS value proposition for airlines and managed travel...
31 Mar 2011
Collaboration breeds success, says GetThere's Jason Geall
14 Sep 2009
Why WWF's one in five challenge makes good sense - for business and the planet
7 Sep 2009
It is time for the plain truth about the benefits of corporate liability card agreements, Robert Kirby, ceo of Spendvision, argues 
3 Sep 2009
One of the themes of last week's successful National Business Travel Association international convention in San Diego was "Travel is Good." But Paul Tilstone, chief executive of the UK and Ireland Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM), questions whether this is the right way forward 
31 Aug 2009
With the annual round of negotiations between hotels and corporates coming up fast, Grant Appleton, director of accommodation services for Zibrant, questions whether, in a volatile market, either side knows the best way forward 
3 Aug 2009
We have had our good times and bad times BA. Mike Platt looks at the current standing of British Airways
1 Jun 2009
As convergence in hotel and meeting spend increases, Peter Dennis, head of ICOR, BSI's specialist consulting and procurement division, considers the benefits to corporates of outsourcing
25 May 2009
Are the principles of stability and trust still valid in a modern recessionary market? Mike Platt argues they are essential for the long term good of the industry
11 May 2009
  It's Travel Jim but not as we know it. Mike Platt wonders if they aren't similarities between Star Trek and business travel.