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Conservative Party

Conservative 2017 manifesto
18 May 2017
Party says it will spend £40 billion to improve UK transport infrastructure
20 May 2015
Organisation says single party rule will benefit economy and business travel industry
14 May 2015
The MD of UK small businesses at Concur, David Vine, welcomes the Conservatives approach to rail fares but warns about the hit to the bottom line once they rise again
12 May 2015
The CBI wants ‘diggers on the ground’ by 2020
15 Apr 2015
Main parties face renewed calls for scrapping of tax
26 Mar 2015
The upcoming general election is anything but a done deal, not least for business travel
26 Mar 2010
  Opponents of the proposed third runway at Heathrow have beaten the Government at the High Court in London.
9 Dec 2009
Tories making "biggest mistake ever"
4 Dec 2008
Government to decide in New Year