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Egyptair and Bombardier sign purchase agreement for up to 24 planes
14 Nov 2017
Airline has purchasing rights for up to 24 planes
6 Jul 2016
Voice recorder indicates crew’s efforts to extinguish onboard fire
17 Jun 2016
Flight and voice recorders from MS804 should help investigation into crash
20 May 2016
French foreign minister says ‘no indication’ yet of what downed the plane
19 May 2016
Flight from Paris to Cairo feared to have crashed over the Mediterranean
13 Jun 2013
North African carrier will serve north-west airport five times per week
18 May 2010
The national airline of Egypt, Egyptair, is planning to increase hub traffic passing through its new T3 terminal at Cairo airport from 4-6 per cent last year to 30 per cent by the end of 2011.
8 Sep 2005
ARABESK Group, the unofficial alliance of seven Middle East airlines, has formalised its organisation and spelt out what membership of the club means.