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Emirates Boeing 777
22 May 2017
Emirates is adding a second daily A380 service on its Dubai-Birmingham route.
Emirates Boeing 777
12 May 2017
Dubai carrier will add third daily flight to Australian city later this year
5 May 2017
Carrier plans to axe third daily service from September
25 Apr 2017
Travel and laptop bans starting to hit passenger numbers from Middle East
19 Apr 2017
Airline to reduce flights to five of the 12 cities it serves to the states
5 Apr 2017
Passengers entitled to service following the ‘laptop ban’ by the States last month
31 Mar 2017
Offer available to Business Class passengers after US laptop ban
29 Mar 2017
Offering follows laptop ban on services from eight destinations including Abu Dhabi
29 Mar 2017
Aviation body says both UK and US urgently need to find alternatives to ruling
23 Mar 2017
Airline is allowing passengers to use their device until boarding
23 Mar 2017
Superjumbo aircraft added to Gulf carrier’s daily service from Dubai
21 Mar 2017
Ruling comes into force on March 25
23 Jan 2017
Route not operated since 2012
13 Jan 2017
Daily flight to launch June 1
6 Jan 2017
Coincide with the launch of A380 services between Dubai and Casablanca
10 Nov 2016
Dubai carrier forced to drop prices as expansion continues
8 Nov 2016
Willie Walsh questions whether they will exist in 10 years' time
1 Nov 2016
Gulf carrier now offers A380 aircraft across its five NZ routes from Dubai
31 Oct 2016
Emirates to launch world’s shortest A380 flight
11 Oct 2016
Route to start in December