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expense management

Company credit cards
7 Nov 2018
Travellers admit practice despite knowing company policy
Nexonia logo
25 Sep 2018
Platform integrates company travel policy
Certify and Captio logos
19 Sep 2018
Deal marks company's expansion into Europe
Pile of UK pounds stirling
17 Aug 2018
Workers lose receipts and forget to file claims
Appzen logo
16 Aug 2018
Platform uses AI to approve claims
Uber ride request
15 Aug 2018
Trip details will be sent directly to expense report
Chrome River logo
14 Aug 2018
Oil and has giant will utilise cloud-based expense management solution
Pile of money to represent compensation
13 Aug 2018
37% have to wait 2 weeks for reimbursement
Table in a restaurant
10 Aug 2018
Millennials tend to be more cost-conscious
Odometer showing mileage on a car
2 Aug 2018
Half of businesses don't check during sign-off
A 1960s advert for the Barclaycard company credit card
30 Jul 2018
Barclaycard celebrates 50 years of the company card
Certify and Abacus logos
17 Jul 2018
Company adds real-time expense management solution to portfolio
BCD Meetings and Events logo
20 Jun 2018
Platform can be configured to individual meetings
Businessman holding stolen cash behind his back
1 Jun 2018
Age, job level and procedures influence cheats
Yatra and Chrome River logos
15 May 2018
Yatra to integrate expense management solution
Chrome River logo
20 Apr 2018
Firm partners with PwC
SAP Concur logo
16 Mar 2018
Users can file expenses in a messaging environment
Xpenditure logo
7 Mar 2018
Expense platform available through an app
Uber app
30 Jan 2018
Uber and Lyft account for 56 per cent of expenses
How much impact will AI have on expense management?
27 Sep 2017
Automation of travel expenses would be a welcome application of AI, but robots aren’t taking over just yet