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BBT March/April 2019 cover
March/April 2019


Social media icons on a phone
15 Jan 2019
The use of social media by business travellers is growing. How should travel buyers respond to this phenomenon?
Westjet's new Juliet chatbot on a mobile phone
28 Aug 2018
'Juliet' available through Facebook Messenger
Social Media
9 Jun 2017
New tools and apps mean that social media’s role in business travel continues to develop
25 Apr 2017
BBT looks at how the ‘bot’ revolution is starting to impact on the business travel community
27 Jan 2017
As the UK government pledges to be a ‘world leader’ in 5G, BBT explores how the travel industry stands to benefit from the next generation of ultra-fast mobile data speeds.
3 Aug 2016
Latest example in the rising trend of ‘conversational commerce’
26 May 2016
Fares only available to travellers who hand over their social media details
26 May 2016
Users can now search for flights ‘conversationally’
Social Media
31 Mar 2015
Once a distraction for employees and the bane of the boss’s life, Facebook is now enjoying resurgence in the corporate world
13 Feb 2014
Customers can pay for flights using social media platforms