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Flybe and Eastern Airways tail fins
9 Nov 2018
Eastern Airways to operate double-daily weekday service
Southend airport
24 Oct 2018
Aviation division down £2.7 million
Aircraft with the new white and purple Flybe livery
17 Oct 2018
'Softening demand' to hit second half
Aircraft with the new white and purple Flybe livery
5 Sep 2018
Entire fleet will be repainted by 2025
Loganair aircraft
29 Jun 2018
Competition from former franchise partner 'drove fares down'
19 Jun 2018
But CEO remains optimistic about the future
Flybe crew at Doncaster Sheffield airport
15 Jun 2018
Flybe has launched a direct flight between Doncaster Sheffield airport and Belfast with a journey time of less than one hour.The regional carrier will offer five flights per week on the route.
IATA board of governors at a 2018 meeting
5 Jun 2018
Ourmieres-Widener becomes only female member
Eastern Airways plane
5 Apr 2018
Flights currently operated by Flybe
A Flybe plane in the air
4 Apr 2018
Storm cancellations bring revenue loss
A Flybe plane in the air
22 Mar 2018
Two companies unable to agree on price for regional airline
Flybe plane
9 Mar 2018
Airline to offer 35 flights a week
Eastern Airways plane
6 Mar 2018
Flights go double daily Monday-Friday
Flybe plane
5 Mar 2018
Airline hopes to increase corporate bookings
A Flybe plane in the air
23 Feb 2018
Franchise partner 'considering options' for deal
Eastern Airways plane
12 Feb 2018
Flights operated in partnership with Flybe
Flybe plane
7 Feb 2018
Two services 'not commercially viable'
A Flybe plane in the air
31 Jan 2018
Passenger numbers increase 8.1 per cent
Loganair aircraft
4 Jan 2018
Cost of rebranding brings down profit
Flybe plane
27 Dec 2017
Regional carrier to retime some flights between islands and mainland