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5 Nov 2013
GDS secures deal with local travel firm in troubled African nation
5 Aug 2011
In line with expectations, Wilson tells Wall Street
13 May 2011
Travelport, the Worldspan and Galileo parent company, increased first quarter pre-tax earnings slightly despite a fall in Middle East and Africa business
28 Mar 2011
Pakistan-based firm Travel Solutions has exclusive rights to distribute Worldspan technology and services
18 Mar 2010
Travel technology firm Travelport Limited today (March 18) announced an operating loss of $499m for 2009.
18 Jan 2010
Floatation would be biggest on LSE for two years
5 Jan 2010
Travelport to distribute Bahrain-based carrier's inventory
27 Oct 2009
Concern over impact on buyers 
6 May 2009
Agreement exempts GDS's agents from surcharges
21 Apr 2009
Surcharges lifted by airlines
20 Mar 2009
Battle looms with Travelport
12 Mar 2009
Third hub set up in Warsaw
24 Feb 2009
But revenue drops over year
16 Feb 2009
Agent now able to issue Russian ticket
28 Nov 2008
GDS will continue to absorb Lufthansa/SWISS surcharge
14 Nov 2008
Company suffers 10% drop in GDS business 
6 Aug 2008
30 Apr 2008
Hogg Robinson Group has signed deals with two leading GDSs Amadeus and Galileo.
16 Jan 2008
There was always going to be a price to pay if easyJet allowed easier access to its fares through the GDSs. Just as certainly, agents would find that surcharge to be too much.
16 Jan 2008
easyJet was accused of ripping off agents by charging €12 for return bookings made through the Amadeus and Travelport GDSs.